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Autobio’s Autolas X-1 Serise Online Refrigerator

2022/12/1 16:28:42 Views:1811

With the continuous promotion of high-quality development of public hospitals, automated assembly lines into major hospitals, intelligent gradually instead of repetitive and complicated manual operations, but for various reasons, some hospitals that have introduced assembly lines are currently not installed with intelligent online refrigerators.

The whole process of testing mainly involves specimen collection and pre-processing, specimen analysis, specimen post-processing three links. The whole process of sample feeding, centrifugation, decapping, and testing is completed by automated equipment. However, the degree of automation of specimen storage has not been high, and many hospitals still need manual filing, retesting, and manual quality control. This part of the work occupies most of the time of laboratory work, seriously affecting laboratory efficiency, as well as specimen TAT.

Laboratories without intelligent online refrigerators need to manually number specimens at the pre-processing stage in order to easily find specimens after archiving. When archiving, specimens need to be transferred manually to the offline refrigerator and discarded manually after the specimen expires.

When the test results are abnormal and need to be retested, laboratories without intelligent online refrigerators need to manually locate the specimens, while offline refrigerators are prone to the problem of cluttered specimen storage, which takes a lot of time in locating specimens. At the same time, specimens need to be manually transferred back to the offline refrigerator after retesting.

At the same time, laboratories lacking intelligent online refrigerators need staff to enter the laboratory in advance every morning to take and add samples, send them to the analyzer, and wait for QC results, which not only consumes a lot of staff time, but also affects TAT and does not achieve the ideal effect of the whole pipeline.

And Autobio’s Autolas X-1 Series intelligent online refrigerator is different from the traditional offline refrigerator, it is no longer a simple cold storage, but an intelligent management system for specimens. It can realize automatic specimen filing, automatic retesting and intelligent quality control, reduce manual operation, improve biosafety protection, optimize laboratory specimen management level, improve laboratory efficiency and effectively shorten TAT.

So, what specific problems can Autobio’s Autolas X-1 Series intelligent online refrigerator solve for laboratory teachers in terms of archiving, retesting and quality control? 

Automatic archiving

The intelligent online refrigerator accompanying the Autolas X-1 Series of Autobio, together with the intelligent software system, can realize real-time tracking of online specimens without manual numbering. Once specimens are tested, they can be automatically filed into the refrigerator. The intelligent online refrigerator also has the function of automatic discarding of stored specimens upon expiration, which optimizes the management level of laboratory specimens, improves laboratory efficiency and effectively shortens TAT.

Automatic retesting

Autobio Smart Online Refrigerator eliminates the need to spend a lot of time searching for specimens. Firstly, when the specimens within the retest rules are abnormal, the system automatically triggers the retest rules and the specimens are automatically transferred to the corresponding analyzer for testing, and then automatically filed into the refrigerator after the testing.

Secondly, when specimens outside the retest rule need to be retested, just search the specimen information in the central control system, click retest, and the specimen will be automatically transferred from the refrigerator, automatically remove the film, automatically test, automatically seal the film, and automatically return to the refrigerator, without complicated manual operation, improving laboratory efficiency.

Intelligent quality control

With the intelligent online refrigerator of Autobio, only the QC rules need to be set in advance, and when the set time comes, the assembly line will automatically turn on, and then the QC products will be automatically transferred from the refrigerator to the designated area for re-temperature and enter the analyzer, and after the sample aspiration is completed, it will automatically return to the refrigerator for storage and automatically generate QC results to complete QC. The staff only needs to review the QC results after going to work and can start a new day of testing, effectively shortening TAT and improving laboratory efficiency.

In addition, the Autolas X-1 Series intelligent online refrigerator is small in size and large in capacity, with a storage capacity of over 15,000 tubes in a single module, and can be configured with multiple modules to meet the needs of different levels of laboratories.