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The strategy and layout of animal diagnosis for Sansure Biotech

2022/9/26 16:50:43 Views:619

Recently, Sansure Biotech, Hunan Dashengchong Medical Biotechnology, Santa Cruz Biotechnology, and Huanyu Shenghe Testing Technology jointly hosted the "Animal Health Industry Summit Forum", which was held in the Changsha Headquarters Industrial Park of Shengxiang Bio. During the period, a ribbon-cutting and unveiling ceremony of Huanyu Shenghe Testing Technology was also held. Huanyu Shenghe Testing Technology is a third-party service organization for animal disease diagnosis and food safety testing controlled by Hunan Dashengchong Medical Biotechnology.



Dai Lizhong, chairman of Sansure Biotech, promised that after the business has matured in the future, Sansure Biotech will have the right to preferentially acquire or transfer the equity of Hunan Dashengchong Medical Biotechnology under the same conditions.


Established for more than a year, Dashengchong Medical Biotechnology has invested in the establishment of Hunan Shengfengyuan, Hunan Huanyu Shenghe Testing Technology and Changsha Aipet Pet Hospital. Among them, Hunan Shengfengyuan was established on July 19, 2022 and is mainly engaged in related technology research and development. Hunan Huanyu Shenghe Testing Technology was established on 2022-03-15, mainly engaged in third-party services for animal disease diagnosis and food safety testing. Changsha Aipite Pet Hospital Co., Ltd. was established on 2022-08-09, mainly in the field of pet hospitals, engaged in animal diagnosis and treatment, veterinary drug business.


Data shows that in 2020, the size of China's pet medical service market is about 55.936 billion CNY, and the market segments are divided into three categories: pet diagnosis and treatment, pet medicine sales, and pet vaccines.


Pet diagnosis and treatment includes institutions such as pet hospitals and individual clinics that can provide diagnosis and treatment services for pets. In 2020, its market share is the largest, about 52.89 billion CNY. The second is the pet medicine market, which mainly includes pet medicine sales, with a market size of about 2.2 billion CNY.