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New blood screening solution Cobas ® MPX launched by Roche Diagnostics in China

2022/8/19 18:20:47 Views:335

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As an important medical resource to save lives, blood safety is very important and blood screening is the most critical link to ensure blood safety. Recently, Roche Diagnostics solemnly announced its new generation Cobas ® The launching of MPX blood screening solution in China means that Roche's latest blood screening solution has landed in China, adding another reliable barrier for China's blood safety management.


Cobas ® MPX directly and qualitatively detects hepatitis B virus (HBV DNA), hepatitis C virus (HCV RNA) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1 M group RNA, HIV-1 O group RNA and HIV-2 RNA) in human serum or plasma samples. It covers a wide range of known viral genotypes and greatly reduces the risk of missed detection. By carrying Cobas with high automation, high throughput and high informatization ® 6800 / 8800 nucleic acid detection platform brings fast results, unattended and flexible use experience.


Yao Guoliang, general manager of Roche Diagnostics China, said: "As a pioneer in the field of blood screening, Roche Diagnostics has been committed to developing solutions to ensure the safety of blood and blood products since 1998. Over the years, Roche Diagnostics has continuously launched innovative products to minimize the risk of virus transmission through blood and protect the life safety of donors and patients. In the future, Roche Diagnostics will continue to work with blood safety testing institutions and laboratories throughout the country to actively promote the international leading blood. The popularization and application of liquid screening solutions will help the continuous and high-quality development of blood transfusion safety in China. "


Cobas ® MPX applied to Cobas ® The 6800 / 8800 solution has such functions as reagent ready to use, multi-color fluorescence channel design without secondary identification, higher detection sensitivity, high-throughput detection capability and longer off-machine time, and intelligent system management that allows reagents to be shared by multiple instruments.


Hepatitis B has a high prevalence in China, and Roche diagnoses a new generation of Cobas ® The detection limit (LOD) of MPX HBV plasma sample is as low as 1.4 IU / ml, which greatly reduces the risk of viral infection caused by blood transfusion and transfusion of blood products. It is very important to improve the detection ability of latent HBV infection and low viral load. At the same time, the double target of HIV-1 M group and the double probe design of HCV will greatly reduce the risk of missed detection due to virus mutation.