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Aiforia Gains CE-IVD Mark for Breast Cancer AI Model

2022/5/26 17:35:41 Views:103

Original from: 360DX

Aiforia Technologies said Wednesday that it has received CE-IVD marking for an artificial intelligence model that helps detect progesterone-positive tumor cells. 

The product, called Aiforia Clinical AI Model for Breast Cancer; PR, automates the identification of tumor areas and the calculation of progesterone receptor-positive and PR-negative cells from whole-slide images. 

"Since [estrogen receptor] ER and PR positivity in breast cancer are both always measured, it was only natural to develop a model for the detection of PR-positive tumor cells as well," Nelli Sjöblom, a consulting pathologist at Aiforia, said in a statement. 

While PR expression is dependent on estrogen receptors as well, Sjöblom noted that ER-positive breast cancers have a lower risk of recurrence. "So it is imperative to identify these patients reliably to be able to choose the right therapeutic option," she said.

This is the Helsinki-based company's fourth CE-IVD mark for AI models. Aiforia offers two other CE-marked AI models for breast cancer diagnostics as well as a PD-L1 AI model for detecting and assessing lung cancer. 

Source: Aiforia Gains CE-IVD Mark for Breast Cancer AI Model