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Zybio acquires Thistory for billions of yuan to enter the blood coagulation market

2023/3/22 14:30:13 Views:72

On March 21, according to the Qichacha data, the major shareholders of Shenzhen Thistory Bio-Medical Company have been changed from Shenzhen Thistory Bio-medical Management and Consulting Enterprise to Zybio Inc. It also means Zybio formally wholly owned Thistory and the acquisition amounted to billions of yuan, as the insider revealed.


About Thistory

Established in 2017, Thistory has committed itself to the field of thrombosis and haemostasis. It is worth mentioning that Thistory has pioneered the "optical-magnetic integration" fusion methodology, broke the traditional development of coagulation analysis technology and made the coagulation test into the era of methodological fusion.


Thistory laid out the thrombosis and haemostasis market as they have foreseen the opportunity for rapid growth in the future. The market is monopolized by imports and has high market threshold barriers.


Dr Huali Zhang, founder and CEO of Thistory, said, "From the establishment in 2017, Thistory took four years, working day and night with professionalism to create the Yanxing series of products, whose performance has been compared to international standards, and Thistory also has unique advantages in product innovation and specific projects. "


About Zybio

Zybio Inc. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacture, sales and technical services of in vitro diagnostic reagents and equipment, with the headquarter and manufacturing center located in Dadukou District, Chongqing.


Zybio has more than 3,800 employees worldwide, of which R&D personnel account for more than 30%. Nearly 50% of R&D personnel have master's degree or above. The company compared to spend no less than 15% of sales revenue on its research and development.


As a postdoctoral programme, Zybio has established eight R&D centers distributed in China, including Chongqing R&D center, Beijing R&D center, Guangzhou R&D center, Shenzhen R&D center, Nanjing R&D center Xiamen R&D center and Changchun R&D center to attract more talents to focus on the cutting-edge technology in IVD field and take product research and development as the core driving force in the future’s continuous and rapid development.


Zybio’s main product covers clinical chemistry, immunoassay, molecular diagnosis, POCT, hematology, microbiology, pathological and other diagnostic products. It also has a comprehensive layout in core technical fields such as biological raw materials and chemical raw materials. The company has developed a wide range of core technologies such as genetic engineering antigens/antibodies, diagnostic nanomaterials, high-precision diagnostic equipment and core component, multiple label signal amplification, and rapid nucleic acid extraction and detection. Zybio has obtained nearly 60 invention patents and 623 product registration certificates.