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Agilent and Alta Scientific to codevelop an innovation lab

2023/3/15 14:28:25 Views:120

On March 14, 2023, Agilent Technologies announced the establishment of an innovation collaboration lab with Alta Scientific Co., Ltd. 


The two parties will complement each other's strengths to develop and provide comprehensive analytical testing solutions to the evolving needs for rapid support in the food, environmental, clinical and pharmaceutical sectors, especially in the event of unexpected food safety crises.


Founded in 2011, Alta Scientific is a leading national high-tech enterprise focusing on the development and production of standards in China, and its analytical standards have been commonly adopted by leading research institutes and testing organizations in China.



Standards are an important part of the accuracy of measurement methods and play a vital role in the development of various standard methods. With the continuous evolution of various analytical methods and standards, the demand for standards, especially customized standards and high-end standards, is becoming more and more urgent in the field of food analysis and testing.


The two parties will cooperate in the areas of cutting-edge food research and emergency response. By leveraging Alta's research capabilities in standards and Agilent's advanced analytical technologies and industry experience, the two companies will be able to respond quickly to market needs and industry expectations, providing rapid solutions for research and analytical users, thereby helping them to more effectively address food research challenges and resolve food safety emergencies more quickly and effectively, as well as drive up the overall standard of the testing industry.


In addition, based on the joint laboratory established, the two parties will also work together to establish a high-resolution database for detecting complex or low-content matrices to provide customers with a rapid screening tool and an accurate data resource.


Pan Xia, General Manager of Complete Sales, Agilent North Region, said that "We are delighted to establish a joint laboratory with Alta Scientific. Safety and nutrition are key to food, and the joint lab will provide users with a one-stop solution covering high-quality analytical reference standards, testing technology and services, relying on technology to enrich our tables. Relying on Alta's excellent standards development and production capabilities, we are able to launch perfect solutions for users in the food industry faster and we are confident that this collaboration will be a win-win situation."


Dr. Zhang Lei, Chief Technology Officer of Alta Scientific, said that "Alta, as a benchmark company in the development, production and sales of domestic high-end organic standards and stable isotope labelling reagents, can make better use of the advantages of our standards products with Agilent's strong analytical testing technology and platform, as well as its experienced research and technical strength. We look forward to the continued fruitful cooperation between the two companies."


It is worth mentioning that Agilent's China Solution Centre will also support the innovation lab. The Centre will be involved in the development and provision of complete solutions for users, including one-stop solutions for analytical reference standards, instruments, user training and after-sales services.