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Cue Health’s New Suite of At-Home Diagnostic Tests and Expansion of Cue Care Puts You in Control of Your Health

2023/3/14 10:26:33 Views:138

Original from: businesswire

Cue Health, a healthcare technology company, announced the nationwide launch of a new suite of consumer-friendly, at-home diagnostic test kits. These easy-to-use kits provide individuals with access to accurate, reliable testing from the comfort of their own homes, making it easier for people to take control of their health. The tests are integrated into Cue Care – the company’s innovative test-to-treat service. Cue provides personalized care and access to convenient treatment, including e-prescriptions and medication delivery, from the privacy of home.

Each Cue Health at-home test kit includes all of the supplies needed for safe, easy, and private sample collection. After the sample is sent to and processed by an independent, CLIA-certified laboratory, easy-to-understand results are securely delivered back to the customer in the Cue Health App, along with information about their condition or concern. Customers can then choose to use Cue Care to consult virtually with a healthcare provider and receive personalized care and, if appropriate, treatment delivered quickly.

The following Cue Health test kits are now available, with more planned over time:

Heart Health Test Kits

Heart Health Panel

- Cardiac Risk Apo A+B Test

Sexual Health Test Kits

- Chlamydia and Gonorrhea

- Herpes Panel

- Men’s Sexual Health Panel

- Women’s Sexual Health Panel

Women’s Health Test Kits

Women's Fertility Panel

- Women's Health Panel

Metabolic Health Test Kits

Liver Panel

- Kidney Panel

Wellness Test Kits

Food Sensitivity Panel

- Colon Cancer Screening

- Vitamin D Test

“Our new suite of at-home diagnostic test kits puts people in greater control of their health by providing more actionable information about a wide variety of common conditions that often go undiagnosed and untreated,” said Clint Sever, Chief Product Officer of Cue Health. “These health and wellness tests complement our diagnostic testing strategy, and we continue to make progress developing new tests for respiratory, sexual, and metabolic health using our innovative technology.”

“We are breaking down barriers in healthcare delivery to make at-home testing easier to access and act upon,” added Dr. David Tsay, Chief Medical Officer for Cue Health. “Americans are now embracing accessing healthcare from the convenience of their home. So we seamlessly integrated these new test kits into our platform, empowering people to consult with a provider immediately after they get their test result so they can make timely and informed decisions about their health. We are committed to improving public health outcomes, and believe that these innovations will help us achieve that goal.”

This new suite of at-home diagnostic tests is available for purchase in the Cue Health App and on the Cue Health website. In the near future, Cue will look to further expand Cue Care and address even more common conditions and health concerns.

About Cue Health

Cue Health (Nasdaq: HLTH) is a healthcare technology company that makes it easier for individuals to access health information and places diagnostic information at the center of care. Cue Health enables people to manage their health through real-time, actionable, and connected health information, offering individuals and their healthcare providers easy access to lab-quality diagnostics anywhere, anytime, in a device that fits in the palm of the hand. Cue Health's first-of-its-kind COVID-19 test was the first FDA-authorized molecular diagnostic test for at-home and over-the-counter use without a prescription and physician supervision. Outside the United States, Cue Health has received the CE mark in the European Union, Interim Order authorization from Health Canada, regulatory approval from India's Central Drugs Standard Control Organization, and PSAR authorization from Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority. Cue was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in San Diego.

Source: Cue Health’s New Suite of At-Home Diagnostic Tests and Expansion of Cue Care Puts You in Control of Your Health