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Sansure Biotech and Thermo Fisher reached a strategic cooper

2019/1/4 6:01:05 Views:337
Recently, Sansure Biotech and Thermo Fisher Scientific (hereinafter referred to as: Thermo Fisher) signed a strategic cooperation agreement.The two sides will work together with their respective superior technologies and resources to carry out in-depth cooperation on the application of molecular diagnostic technology in the field of precision medicine.
According to the agreement, Sansure Biotech is the exclusive agent of Thermo Scientific Applied Biosystems QuantStudioTM 3, QuantStudioTM 5 Real-Time Fluorescence Quantitative PCR (qPCR) in the National Hospital Laboratory.QuantStudioTM 3, QuantStudioTM 5 is Thermo Scientific's latest generation of real-time PCR instrumentation, adhering to Thermo Fisher's consistently superior quality, tightly docked for clinical testing applications, based on the Applied BiosystemsTM 7300/7500, through a new industrial aesthetic Designed with OptiFlexTM optical system and VeriflexTM precision digital temperature-controlled thermal cycling module to provide accurate and stable performance guarantee for genetic analysis.The instrument is also equipped with an advanced touch screen and cloud server to create a full-time control experience while allowing data sharing analysis anytime, anywhere.
Thermo Fisher is a world leader in scientific services with annual sales of more than $20 billion and approximately 70,000 employees worldwide. Its products include analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, reagents, consumables and software for a wide range of industries, providing comprehensive laboratory solutions for customers from all walks of life.
Thermo Fisher has always occupied the leading position in the field of real-time PCR machines. In 1996, the world's first commercial real-time PCR instrument was introduced. Since the Applied BiosystemsTM 7500 real-time PCR instrument entered the Chinese market, it has been well received by users because of its excellent data quality and reliable instrument performance. 
As a leading enterprise in the domestic molecular diagnostic industry, the strong combination of Sansure Biotech and Thermo Fisher will further promote the accelerated development of the domestic molecular diagnostic market and new ecological construction, and help the prevention and control of infectious diseases, cancer prevention and control, and women's health,Children's health, chronic disease management and other national health undertakings contribute to the development of the world's genetic technology and the construction of a global national health system.